What is a Giclee Print?
The answer to this often posed question, is that a Giclee print is a super-high quality ink jet print.
The difference between a Giclee and your average desk-top printer, is the sheer quality of the results it produces. A Giclee uses pigments rather than dyes to achieve its depth of colour and the nozzles it uses to squirt the pigments onto the surface of the paper are super-fine. In fact, they are so fine that they are one millionth of a human hair in thickness.
The quality of the pigments and the Giclee's delivery system is such that they can print on a variety of surfaces, including canvas and archival papers, bringing the finished result much closer to the artist's original intent than was previously the case.
If all that wasn't exciting enough, the pigments themselves are much more durable than was previously the case with prints and with careful display the longevity of the prints ensures that they will bring pleasure to generations of art lovers.

How will my Giclee prints be despatched?
With each Giclee print that we send out, we are determined to ensure that the prints arrive in optimum condition. We mail our prints flat, each print is contained in a clear plastic sleeve. Prints are mailed insured with tracking attached.

Will my Giclee prints be signed and numbered?
Yes to both questions—the prints you buy from us are not only a source of joy—they are an investment. Print runs are strictly limited and when an edition is sold out that is it.

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